Experience the gastronomic delight of authentic Kerala cuisine

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Absolute authenticity

South Indian Cuisine runs a gamut of regional dishes that differ according to local culture, climate, traditions and ingredients. At Hotel Nippon, we give you the chance to sample dishes from every region, while specializing in Keralite and Sri Lankan Cuisine.

Unparalleled variety

Nowhere else in Sri Lanka will you find so much of what Kerala cuisine has to offer. Why not start with one of the many types of biriyani on our menu?

Traditional fusion

Nothing beats a traditional lunch of Sri Lankan Rice and Curry. Ours has a distinctive Kerala twist which makes for delicious combinations. We also offer superlative Continental cuisine.


Culinary surprises

We aim to provide you with a wide range of South Asian flavours, and our chefs have some innovative surprises that are just waiting for the right time, and will be served to you at the right price!

All day specials

The restaurant serves an unlimited beverage menu throughout the day and evening.

The only place in town that offers you Authentic Calicut Dum-Biriyani and delightful combinations of South Asian Ingredients and Spices.